–Why the long pants UPS man? Cubes of ice melting beneath ironic laughs, sun savored limbs, bare, freckled, veined, relishing animation still A bird interrupted to peck at a crumb, another called it away from peril, a third seduced it from the sand pine nearby, in promise of shade and resinous calm –But you would […]


“I swerved for the squirrel but it came clean off the front of the tire, almost would have flown like in the cartoon were it not for the truck bearing at us, which swerved too, probably on account of the rodent approaching the windshield. Anyway, that near did us, near did her in at least, […]


The obscene sketch penned on the wall winked at him, and he adjusted his pants, catching the last golden droplets in the warm cotton of his briefs. The music had been incessant since his entry into the men’s room. Now, exiting the stall, where he had stood uncertain as to whether seating would become required, […]

The Expert

She had been staying with them for three days at their beach house, with a tightening of the shoulders each time the small dogs barked at a passing bike or car, which was quite often, as the house was not far from a path to the water. Only on the third day did the shrill yapping reach such a feverish intensity that she broke: “What is wrong with those dogs?”

Empson in the British Museum

Hungover and a bit drunk still, with the worst of it yet to come, he squats to examine the bronze; all the horror and beauty of Benin, and the rapacity of the intellect of Empire to thank. He will, in a petulant, insolent clause; the last polish of sturdy prose in the household chores of the mind.