What was next? The train, of course, and departure with haste. She smiled and he returned a grin from beneath a face shadowed in the thickening crowd, and then he turned to board. It waited beside him on the tracks, and as soon as he made his way through the aisle, its pistons stirred, hissing […]


“I don’t like to speak about him in his absence. In his absence. Out of his presence. Now that’s he’s gone. To speak about him when he can’t speak for himself and couldn’t…” A sigh, a deep inhale of a cigarette; the dog to her side on the sofa kicked in its sleep; she threw […]


Their turning inwards, was that their mistake? The thought was that they could wean word from the world to which it was giving, and to which its misgivings and theirs belonged. Did they think that, like mid-wives, they might pluck self from self? They knew of word’s affection for spectacle, the celebrity appeal of whatever […]

The Time

Whether we belong to time, or time to us; and whether we subscribe to the cliché that time is money, or whether we are among those who have condemned it to a life of ironic, sardonic utterance; and whether we agree that time cannot be made the object of thought if we are not to […]


“You take such smug pleasure in it, sitting there, sipping your tea after a swim in the cold lake, as if you were snuggling up to existence itself, the whole horizon of the world apparent before you in the smell of the—what the hell is that, ginger or lavender—and as if you were being whispered […]

Self-Reliance: A Closed Letter

I was lying in the sustaining decay of this world, when I thought, Henry, of you, and of how little I know you. That is why I can address myself so freely. You’ve taught me, through the virtues of leaving another person’s works barely read. Forming an impression through browsing collections in shops, skimming paragraphs in friends’ homes, and recalling a distantly adolescent summer foray through your best-known pages, I find strength in the idea you have become, as if reading you now would do nothing but confirm and deepen what I have discovered within myself on those brief occasions we rubbed shoulders.


Sun savored their limbs, bare, freckled, veined, and relishing animation still, not yet conscious of the body’s worries for its future. An ice cube clinked in a glass, then another and, beneath breath heavy with nonchalant irony, melted. “Where are the shorts UPS man?” And he stopped, glanced at his trousers, and smiling at the […]