Ceremony (epilogue)

The Cathedral is empty now. The ceremonies are not complete. The book is safe. I am safe. She is safe. “You understand,” she says. “No,” I say. There is more to do, and I am safe. Advertisements

Ceremony (Chapter 6)

  The Cathedral gleamed unctuous in light from candles, corpulent, amassed like tropical flowers in heat, and pelting me with occasional droplets of wax that the candelabra could not contain, as I walked beneath them to the altar. The incense was thick like fog, and the air stretched dry like a sauna, so that I […]

Ceremony (Chapter 5)

Nothing in her greeting the morning following suggested that she knew what I had dreamt, and I did not dare to broach the subject. But later in the day, when she went out for errands and left me to begin preparations for dinner, I went into her room and opened first the chest at the […]

Ceremony (Chapter 4)

For the first few years living at home, I learned to sustain the constant demand for ceremonies that appeared to me each night in my dreams. The Cathedral has never left my sleep since I took possession of the blue stone, which I assume to be a talisman of some sort. But it might be […]

Ceremony (Chapter 3)

The book, I’ve gathered in my years dedicated to its study, records instructions for how to participate in the years, to honor and set right their course. Hardly a day passes when there is no ceremony; to the proper reader, each day finds its proper ceremony. Browsing the book, stumbling across illustrations meant for other […]

Ceremony (Chapter 2)

During the winter of my second year at the Institute, I suffered from terrible insomnia brought on my anxiety over an impasse in my research. I looked back over my seven years of study dreading that I would soon have to count them wasted, and the nights were empty of distraction; in its darkest quiet […]

Ceremony (Chapter 1)

Chapter 1 When I was a child, I sat in the evening light and picked at loose threads of my sweater, waiting for the voices to cease. The sweater followed the lines of the rainbow, but alternating with the colors were thick bands of gray. I told myself that if I reached the green before […]